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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weeds in the Grass

I'm in the throes of first love.

There are mole holes in the backyard and weeds in the grass.  Slugs crawl up the exterior walls of our house, leaving trails of a yellowish slime.

It has at least misted if not all out rained every day for a week.

And still ...

All I feel is love and impending sadness at the thought that we will be leaving here tomorrow.

I'll miss my son who now lives only a two-hour drive east of here.

I'll miss the quiet.  The lush green.  The rolling ocean waves seen faintly from our front windows if the fog hasn't moved in.

I'll miss the stands of alders and waist-high ferns on the hill behind the house.  And the creek so hidden by the overgrown foliage at the far edge of the yard that we only know its presence by the sound of it.

Perhaps especially I'll miss the me I am in this place:  calm, creative, content.

What do you most miss when you leave -- even for a little while -- the place you love?  Do you feel you are more yourself in some places than in others?


  1. Mary ~
    I'm sitting in my car on a green-leafed, tree-lined downtown street reading your last blog entries. Your expressions and tone always intrigue and comfort me.
    Reading about Yachats awakens my dream of a coastal cottage and the salty, moist air that gives true meaning to breath. I've had a bottle of cool water and a blueberry muffin as a treat after seeing a nutritionist and spiritual guide. Reading your words reminded me to breathe, relax, appreciate my shady parking spot and love this moment. Thank you with love ~ Ann

  2. Absolutely. I think you know the farm is one of those places. And back east. Near the ocean. In the woods. Driving through windy roads in farm country. Unflappable and at peace.

  3. I really enjoyed your posts about this "special place" you've found and your blog design about it exudes the peace and contentment you have found there.

    We live very near the Gulf Coast of Florida and last year we invested in a condo on the water, which had long been a dream of mine. Though it's only a 25-minute drive from our house "in town," we feel like totally different people when we cross the threshold of that small one-bedroom unit. The view offers lots of sky and the emerald green waters of the Gulf, which is ever changing depending on the weather conditions. The decor matches the outdoors ... lots of aqua, green, and cream colors. It's a very peaceful place and I'm always a little sad to go home though my home in town is full of peace too. There's just something about all that sky and water and surf.

    Guess I better quit rambling ... I'm turning this comment into a blog post ... hah! Thanks for the stirring question about places we love. I want to do some more thought exploration on how I feel there vs. my home in town. P.S. Still laughing from when you said some of the slugs are as big as cats! That's quite a slug!

  4. I love hearing about your special places. And I love that this blog has helped to remind you of the places you love. It isn't hard to care for a place (or anything or anyone for that matter) when we love it (or them). I actually had fun closing up this house in preparation for our return to CO.

  5. This was a beautiful post, really beautiful. And I definitely can relate to missing certain things about places. I grew up in Michigan, but spent almost 9 years living in Arizona. And even though I came to love the desert, I actually missed the Michigan rain and winters and cloudy skies...people thought it was crazy, but I was just homesick.

  6. Jess pointed out something that I think is really important. Some people will not agree or understand why we love one place rather than another. When I left Southern California, those who loved CA told me I'd be back. (I haven't ... not hardly even for visits. It just wasn't me.) Some people also won't understand why we've chosen a certain partner, either. But none of that matters. All that matters is that we love ... a person, a place, an animal ... and in so doing, take good care of what we love.

  7. Mary, I love your line: "Perhaps especially I'll miss the me I am in this place: calm, creative, content." Isn't it the best when we find places where our true selves come out. Goat farms are high on my list. As are long shorelines with steep cliffs, small islands and my studio.